Silent Core Dekton Blade

✓ Silent, fast and clean cutting
✓ Ultracompact surfaces
✓ Dekton and Neolith
✓ Wet cutting

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ADW iKon Silen V25 is a laser welded and silent diamond blade for ultra hard compact materials, such as dekton and neolith. Fast and clean cutting. Used for wet cutting. The blade is certified for use in Dekton. Homologation by Cosentino.

✓ Extra high cutting speed, even with low RPM
✓ Anti-vibration Silent steel core
✓ Minimal cutting effort = Lower energy consumption
✓ Wet cutting
✓ Excellent cutting finish quality


Additional information

Weight 2,5 kg
Dimensions 42 × 42 × 2 cm

Ø 400 mm


Ø 60 mm

Suotable for

Dekton, neolith, ceramic materials

Max. RPM

2400 RPM, 50 m/s


IKON V25 homologation -certificate

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