Cuttronix CM-10 (AF) core drill motor

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CM-10, CM-10AF is a high power, high cycle core drilling motors with changeable gearboxes SG15, SG30, SG60 offer high performance, efficiency, productivity and reliability. The motors are based on KASKOD-MTRONIX ISRCdrive™ Technology and each product combines at least two core drill motors with single phase and 3-phase input power. There is no external inverter box needed. To connect to single phase or 3-phase power, only one adapter cable is required. CM-10AF motor versions additionally include integrated autofeed and radio remote control systems. The CM-10AF motor versions can be supplied with three different interchangeable spindle gearbox units and pulley modules, so that the same motor could power a wire saw system.

Check out Cuttronix test drilling video, shooted in our test laboratory at the end of 2019.

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 150 × 150 × 50 cm
Gear box

SG15, SG30, SG60

RPM (min-¹)

80-2000 (SG15), 40-1000 (SG30), 20-500 (SG60)


3,6 kW (230 V), 11 kW (400 V)

Spindle torque (Nm)

150 (SG15), 300 (SG30), 600 (SG60)

Max. drill diameter (mm)

Ø 20-400 (SG15), 40-400, with spacer block 400-800 mm (SG30), 40-600, with spacer block 600-1000 mm (SG60)

Dimensions (mm)

576x176x241 (SG15), 576x176x248 (SG30), 612x176x388 (SG60)

Weight (kg)

20/24 (SG15), 21,5/25 (SG30), 27/29 (SG60)

Cuttronix test drilling with Levanto drill bit

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