GÖLZ tile saw TS200/250

Powerful and robust tile saws TS200 and TS250.

✓ Cutting angle up to 45° (Jolly cutting)
✓ Adjustable cutting length

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Additional information


TS200, TS250

Max. blade size

200 mm (TS200), 250 mm (TS250)

Blade bore

25,4 mm

Max. cutting depth

40 mm (TS200), 65 mm (TS250)

Max. cutting length

720 mm (TS200), 850 mm (TS250)


1,3 kW

Dimensions (L x W x H)

1000x520x1250 mm (TS200),  1165x540x1299 mm (TS250)


47 kg (TS200), 56 kg (TS250)

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