ADI – Finger Bits

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ADI finger bits for stone milling. 

Four different models:
Hydro: For granite and engineered stone
Solution: For granite and engineered stone
Magnifica: Universal
UCS: For technical materials, dekton, neolith and other ceramic materials

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22×35 mm (Hydro, Solution, Magnifica, UCS), 24×48 mm (Solution and Magnifica)

Speed RPM

4300-4500 (Solution granite & Magnifica universal)
4500-4800 (Hydro granite, Solution granite, Magnifica universal & UCS technical materials and ceramics)
5500-6500 (Solution engineered stone)
6000-7000 (Hydro & Solution engineered stone)

Feeding Speed

200-300 (Hydro granite, Solution granite & Magnifica universal)
200-400 (Magnifica universal)
250-300 (UCS technical and ceramic materials)
300-400 (Solution engineered stone)
400-600 (Hydro & Solution engineered stone)

Suitable for

Granite, artificial stone, decton, neolith and other ceramic material