Slurry Fox Gölz SFP 3L

The Slurryfox SFP 3L is designed for sawing and drilling contractors who require portability on the jobsite for water recycling and reuse.

The filter press incorporates many of the same components as the Slurryfox SFP 8L but is built so that it can be handled by one person.

The SFP 3L is the ideal solution for slurry water processing at the source, or on the truck, utilizing the 360° closed-loop concept for water recycling.

Powered by a single-phase air compressor, the new SFP 3L is the most efficient solution for concrete slurry processing. Separation of solids and water allows for compliant disposal.

Consisting of three elements – container, chamber filter press and control unit – the SFP 3L is the most compact, mobile, simple to operate and efficient filter press on the market.

The new patented airbladder technology allows for a lightweight and compact design of the SFP 3L – weighs just 79 kg – for easy transport.

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Additional information

Weight 80 kg

600×630×950 mm


80 kg

Filtervolume (solids)

2,4 l

Air required

250 l / 8 bar

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