Water repellent Sealer Policare Neutro

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✓ Solvent-based
✓ Natural effect
✓ Approved for food contact

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Water-oil repellent enhancer sealer with a natural effect for granite, quartzite, marble, quartz-resin agglomerate. It is a solvent-based product, whose quick drying and easy removal of the residue make it suitable for both manual and line application

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 cm

1 L

Suitable for

natural stone, quartzite, agglomerate, marble, granite




Indoor and outdoor use


20-30 m2/ 1 l

Technical data

Policare neutro kivisuoja, technical data


Attention! Product requires VAK-transportation. The gross weight of VAK-products may not exceed 5 kg per package.  Read more on Posti website.

If you need more products than VAK transport allows, please contact our sales on +358 9 511 470 or .

How to apply

The product must be applied on fully dry and clean surfaces. Any water and/ or dust may make the treatment non-homogeneous.

The product can be applied by paintbrush, spraying, with a cloth or with a sponge, making sure to apply the amount that the material naturally absorbs evenly.

After applying it, remove from the surface any product excess with a clean cloth.
The desired stain-resistant effect is reached 24 hours after the treatment.

IMPORTANT: If the surface is treated for the first time, we recommend an initial test on a sample or hidden corner.

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