Mpirum 1000+/2000+/4000+ air cleaners

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Ionization system now adjusted for construction industry’s demanding dust removal. Ionizing the air is a very effective method to clear the air from impurities like dust, smoke, smell and mold. It is widely used in hospitals, restaurants and offices. Jonex has developed a convenient movable unit that even works in the demanding circumstances of construction industry.

Jonex 1000+:
Renovation and expansion of bathrooms. Grinding and painting apartments.

Jonex 2000+:
Demolition, removation and drilling. Mould and fire damage.

Jonex 4000+:
Larger demolitions and renovations. Large apartments and strong smells.

Additional information


1000+, 2000+, 4000+


60-400 m3 (1000+), 100-1000 m3 (2000+), 200-1500 m3 (4000+)


180 W (1000+), 195 W (2000+), 270 W (4000+)

Air draught

85-225 m3/h (1000+), 500-1100 m3/h (2000+), 700-1650 m3/h (4000+)

Dimensions (L x W x H)

32x60x46 cm (1000+), 54x81x62 cm (2000+), 54x81x62 cm (4000+)


17 kg (1000+), 54 kg (2000+), 56 kg (4000+)


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