Levanto Oy is a Member of the SEAM Program, a New Framework Dedicated to the Sustainability of the Abrasive Industry

After years of unwavering commitment to quality and safety in product and production quality and safety, Levanto Oy accepts the new challenge of sustainability.

Kauniainen, Finland (January 23rd, 2020) – Today, Levanto Oy, diamond tool manufacturer and importer, is proud to announce its membership to a new European program focused on sustainability: SEAM – Sustainable European Abrasive Manufacturers.

With the understanding that the value of a “European sustainability system” must involve all players within the supply chain, the objective of the SEAM program is to support and assist abrasive manufacturers on their way towards sustainable growth and sustainability improvements, mostly in production and distribution.

To be approved into the program, the European plant of Levanto had to meet a series of minimum requirements organized into the three fundamental pillars of sustainability: environment, labor and economy. The company now must adopt several evolving targets within the three pillars, such as energy management, employee safety and business continuity and work on improving its performance, reporting annually on its progress.

Large, medium and small size abrasive manufacturers, suppliers and distributors have joined SEAM to set a European sustainability standard that pulls industry upward where it can find the right balance between environmental efficiency, production performance, labor safety, all pieces of a puzzle that betters the life of a community, and are values which give a strong position to European companies in the world.

The SEAM program is constantly developing its features. New services along with performance monitoring and management tools are on their way to be made available to all SEAM members.


Patrick Sandman, CEO
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Social media: @levantofinland (Instagram and Facebook)

About Levanto Oy:
Levanto is the leading manufacturer of diamond tools in Finland; we offer diamond solutions based on our own production and imported products of highest quality. We represent strong Finnish knowledge and compete of top markets in the world with other diamond tool manufacturers. We are based in Kauniainen, Finland, and we are known for high quality and our product development.

About SEAM:
The Sustainable European Abrasive Manufacturers (SEAM) commit to continually improve their environmental, labor and production processes.

The SEAM program guarantees that SEAM members, all from within the abrasive supply value chain, manufacture, process, supply, distribute abrasives according to the sustainability standards with regards to environmental efficiency (waste, energy, resource), health and safety quality and innovative production processes.

SEAM website: https://www.seam.earth
SEAM social: LindedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

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