Quality and environmental policy

Quality policy

The main goal of Levanto Oy’s quality policy is high-quality products and services. In order to achieve the goals, our staff is committed to ensuring quality in every process of the operational chain. The well-being and enjoyment of our employees is one of the most important prerequisites for high quality, and we constantly invest in this.

Our customers’ wishes are fulfilled flexibly and satisfaction is ensured with short delivery times. We do product development in close cooperation with our customers. With close cooperation, we solve many customer challenges better than others. We stay at the forefront of global development by actively participating in industry-related events and seminars. We are also a member of national and international organizations related to the field. With a worldwide network, we can guarantee that we have the best suppliers on the market.

We are always improving and developing our processes in order to continuously produce better products and services. We are a diamond-hard partner who commits to serving customers and partners.

Environmental policy

The environment and its well-being are very important for all of us. This also applies to Levanto. We follow all environmental laws and regulations. In our operations, we strive to constantly reduce the load on the environment. Generated waste is sorted and recycled. Whenever possible, we also use recycled components again in production.

Our product development is constantly working to reduce the use of environmentally harmful chemicals in our production. We use responsible suppliers and require them to follow prevailing laws and strive to reduce the burden on nature.

With various logistics solutions, we also aim to reduce the impact of supply chains on the environment.

Levanto Oy has been granted ISO 9001 quality and ISO 14001 environmental certificates.

ISO-sertifikaatti, Levanto Oy